Do I need to see the doctor before hand?:- 

Yes, you’ll most probably need to get a couple of jabs, Hep A and a Tetanus booster would be the main ones.

Is it worth staying in Bangkok?:- 

Yes, always worth a night or 2. Bangkok is non stop roller coaster ride. There is a lot to see and a lot to buy! If markets, shopping malls, temples, hustle & bustle are your thing, then yes, make sure you visit.

How far is HH from Bangkok?:- 

From the airport its around 2 and half hours by taxi, and about 3 hours from the centre of Bangkok.

Is it worth bringing my own clubs?:- 

Yes, some airlines don’t charge for bringing them, some add it as part of your weight allowance, so, the usual maximum is 20kg”s traveling in economy, 25kg’s for premium economy and 30kg’s for business. If there are 2 people traveling together you’ll easily be able to have it as part of your allowance. Hiring clubs in Thailand, depending on the course, is roughly £20 per round. We hire our own clubs starting from £10.

How much does it cost to eat out?:-  

It all depends on where you eat. Hotel restaurants are approximately £20 a head, whereas eating outside the hotel can be a little as £2 a head.

What are the temperatures like?:- 

This is South East Asia so it will always be hot. November through to the end of April will be hot, but a dry heat, not so humid. The rest of the time is classed as rainy season, but to be honest, if it does rain it’ll usually be in the afternoons or early evenings. It’s still very hot, but more humid, and you will still see a lot of the sun.