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The Bridge on the River Kwai

The movie of the same name is highly distorts the facts. However, there is no question regarding the horror that the prisoners of war had to endure during construction of two bridges.

Testaments to the suffering of the labourers who were forced to work under appalling, inhumane conditions can be found throughout the Kanchanaburi area.

An estimated 16,000 war prisoners and over 100,000 local labourers died between 1942-1943.

The celebrated war cemeteries and war museums in town are beautifully maintained and are a constant reminder of the tragic events.

Light & Sound Show
The "Kanchanaburi Light & Sound Show" takes place each November and replays the events leading to the destruction of the bridge. The use of lasers, fireworks and audible effects makes this an extremely impressive sight.

Thousands of visitors flock to witness the spectacular show. River boats and floating restaurants cruise up and down the River Kwai (pronounced 'Kwair' in Thai) providing excellent views of the show and some excellent photo opportunities!

Kanchanaburi - Tiger Temple
This beautiful Buddhist temple keeps and cares for numerous animals, most notably the tigers, who can be stroked by visitors.

Several tiger cubs, orphaned when poachers killed the adults, were given to the temple and more cubs have been born in the temple grounds. More than a dozen tigers now enjoy the sanctuary of the temple.

Once a day, the tigers are led on leashes to their own quarry where they can roam around, with visitors able to watch from around 10m away.

More often than not, one of the monks will bring one of the tamest tiger to be stroked by visitors*.

We provide escorted tours to Kanchanaburi. The tours are best enjoyed with a one or two night stop. We will custom-make your trip to ensure your satisfaction.

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